As more people seek to safely gather, pergolas expand outdoor functional gathering spaces by providing structure, definition, and distinction to greenspaces, yards, sidewalks, and patios.  Linetec’s wood grain finishes allow pergolas to present the natural look of real wood, while benefitting from lower maintenance and greater longevity.

         Linetec’s specialty finishes for architectural aluminum products include more than 50 wood grain options of species and color along with textured grain patterns.  These finishes can replicate expensive hardwoods like oak and walnut that may otherwise be cost-prohibitive for pergolas.

         Durable and practical, Linetec’s wood grain finishes on aluminum deliver a consistent appearance and reliable performance.  Unlike actual wood, aluminum pergolas will not rot, swell, or warp.  Scratch and corrosion-resistant, these finishes provide durable protection from UV rays and are impervious to humidity and insects.  Within its quality-controlled finishing facility, Linetec applies these coatings utilizing a powder coat sublimation process to meet or exceed the AAMA 2604 standard.  At the end of their useful life as a pergola, the finished aluminum can be recycled.

         Located in Wisconsin, Linetec serves as a single source solution for architectural finishing.  The company works with customers across the country, finishing such products as aluminum windows, wall systems, doors, hardware, and other architectural metal components, as well as automotive, marine, and manufactured consumer goods.  Linetec is a member of the Aluminum Anodizers Council, the American Institute of Architects, the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance, the National Glass Association, and the United States Green Building Council.

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