Corner Designs

         The new DW Series Hollow Metal Drywall Frames from MeskerĀ®, part of dormakaba Group of access solutions, offers quick, easy installation with the latest, innovative corner locking system.  The top corners lock together to avoid the need for fasteners often seen in traditional drywall frames.  The new corner design simplifies installations and does not require screws for fire rating.  With fewer components to assemble than other frame products, the Mesker DW Series enables a simple installation saving you time and money.  Additionally, it ships with a primed finish only allowing you to apply your own finish that best matches your facility. 

         The DW Series frame features a high-quality, 16-gauge, galvanized steel frame for enhanced strength, corrosion resistance, and added security.  The DW series frame costs less than traditional wood and aluminum door frames.  In addition, it offers a UL and Intertek Fire rating of up to 90 minutes and is certified by the Steel Door Institute.

         Established in 1864, Mesker offers the pinnacle of innovation, craftsmanship, and quality for hollow metal doors and frames today.  As one of the founding members of the Steel Door Institute, Mesker has been a distinguished leader in the building industry for more than 150 years.  With thousands of quality products, Mesker offers the best-in-class service and has become one of the most recognizable steel door companies in the world.

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