The Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association International (RIMA-I) has joined with ASTM International and their certification team and Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) to manage the RIMA-I voluntary product Verification Program.  It was a logical partnership considering the program verifies reflective products meet ASTM standards and codes.  Once a product has been approved, the verified product will bear the ASTM/RIMA-I Verification mark shown below, along with a unique code identifying each product’s country, company, and product category.

         RIMA-I launched the program in 2009 with the goal of emphasizing the importance of proper product testing and to help those purchasing product to know the product they’re choosing meets or exceeds ASTM standards.  The structure of the program will remain the same under SEI’s management.  Product categories include reflective insulation, radiant barrier, interior radiation control coatings, and radiant barrier sheathing.  A third-party independent testing and inspection laboratory will determine whether a product’s physical properties comply with the appropriate standards.  In order for a company to obtain approval on a category of products, all items within that category must be evaluated and deemed in compliance with current test standards.  Technical data sheets, as well as websites containing test information, are cross-checked for accuracy.  At this time, verification is only available for products sold/purchased in the United States, however, this program is slated to expand to include other countries in the future. 

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