Luminaire Enhancements

         Eureka®, an established provider of decorative lighting solutions, has announced several enhancements and additional options for its Sail luminaire.   Sail’s origami-inspired form is made of one single piece of folded metal, offering a variety of profiles from different angles.  The luminaire can be a centerpiece over high top counters or boardroom tables.  Or designers can create an impactful lighting arrangement in larger spaces by clustering multiple luminaires at varying angles. 

         The most significant enhancement to Sail is the introduction of an LED light source, replacing the existing OLED to offer higher light output.  One LED strip provides powerful diffused uniform illumination from the square opening, greatly expanding the application opportunities for this slight luminaire. 

         A new gold finish is offered, in addition to black and white.  With this rich new color, the modern shape works well in hospitality settings.  While the original transparent cable is still available, designers now have the choice to match the cable color to the fixture to create an even bolder effect.

         Unique lighting challenges such as low ceilings or office meeting booths can now be addressed with a new stem mounting option.  Lighting designers may now select the Sail luminaires with optional nLight® or nLight AIR network lighting control systems.  Each features advanced technologies to meet the demand for greater functionality and enhanced occupant convenience while reducing energy consumption.

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