Ceiling Colors

         Rockfon® has invited architectural and interior design professionals to envision acoustic ceilings in contemporary color palettes inspired by today’s nature and wellness trends, as curated by international experts.  Along with enhancing aesthetics with biophilic colors, the natural benefits of Rockfon’s stone wool ceiling panels support interior environmental quality and healthy acoustics. 

         “From leafy biophilic designs to uncluttered wabi sabi, technology, and calm enclosures, our Colors of Wellbeing come in 34 nature-themed colors, chosen to create a sense of wellbeing and complement today’s interior design trends,” explained Rockfon’s regional manager of architectural sales, Diana Hart, CSI, IIDA.  “These colors inspire not only a new dimension for your interiors, but our acoustic stone wool ceiling panels also support health, comfort, and wellness goals.”

         The Colors of Wellbeing collection are composed of Rockfon Color-all acoustic stone wool ceiling panels and matching matte-finished Rockfon Chicago Metallic® ceiling suspension systems.  Drawing from the Rockfon Color-all collection, the interactive design tool lets users choose their setting; select a color or color theme; then click to color the ceiling panels, suspension systems, and module tiles in select colors.

         “We know that the best way to experience a color is to create with it.  So, we built this interactive tool to let you explore the range in situ.  See for yourself how the different colors all perfectly complement each other, and modern building materials including natural stone, exposed concrete, glass, and metal,” said Hart.  Along with using Rockfon’s interactive tool to create colorful patterns and ceiling designs, project case studies from North America and Europe provide real-world inspiration.

         Rockfon leverages the strengths of stone, including acoustic properties, moisture, mold, and mildew resistance.  Color-all stone wool ceilings panels provide high-level sound absorption with a Noise Reduction Coefficient as high as 0.95 and are fully supported with Health Product Declarations and Declare Label 2.0 as Living Building Challenge™ Red List Approved documentation.

         Acoustic stone wool ceiling panels from Rockfon are UL® Environment GREENGUARD® Gold certified for low VOC emissions.  Low-emitting products with material ingredient documentation are recognized by such organizations as the United States Green Building Council’s LEED® programs, the California Green Building Standards Code, the WELL Building Standard™, and the Collaborative for High Performance Schools.


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