Weather Wrap

Protecto Wall VP™ is a primer-free self-adhering, self-sealing vapor permeable weather resistive barrier that can be applied in temperatures down to -20°F, -28°C, and up to 125°F, 52°C.

         The fully adhered membrane utilizes Protecto Wrap®’s Super Stick Technology™ Adhesive eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners, seam tape, or primer.  It is compatible with and will adhere to most construction surfaces while maintaining a drainage efficiency of 98.5%.  In addition, Protecto Wall VP is manufactured in the United States and can be used with all NFPA 285 Compliant Assemblies.

         Protecto Wall VP is available in full 40 inch by 120 foot rolls and also 12 inch by 120 foot Detail Strip rolls for use along edges and inside and outside corners.  All sizes come with multiple split releases on the back of the product to make installation as quick and easy as possible.

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