Crossville® recently announced two new manufactured collections that will be carbon neutral through measuring embodied carbon and purchasing carbon offsets to account for what cannot be immediately reduced for the full life cycle of these product lines.  The Civilization Collection and the Native Metal Collection are the company’s first carbon-neutral products. 

         “Just as important as style and performance, the Civilization and Native Metal collections are the visible efforts that Crossville is consciously taking to reduce our environmental impact,” said Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville’s VP of marketing.  “Throughout our manufacturing and delivery processes, Crossville is making changes that we believe will affect our global warming potential.  With short-term goals of achieving an additional 10% reduction in our tiles’ global warming potential by 2024 and a 30% reduction from our 2014 baseline by 2030, these two carbon-neutral collections are a start in a more sustainable future.”

         Inspired by the unique visuals and textures of basalt stone, the Civilization porcelain tile collection offers stunning visuals in light to dark colorways.  From the depths of the ocean, volcanic activity rose to the surface, creating islands of basalt stone where some of the world’s earliest people formed great cities and governments.  These early empires inspired Crossville’s new Civilization collection, a basalt-inspired line of porcelain tile.  The smooth, fine-grained stone naturally varies in color from light to dark, and Civilization follows suit with six natural incarnations of basalt featuring unique crystalline visuals and subtle movement found in these unique rock formations. 

         The Native Metal porcelain tile collection is an innovative series offering unique metallic visuals and textures in durable porcelain tile.  Featuring six unique porcelain tiles finished with multiple glaze techniques, Crossville’s talented artisans fuse materials into a product made for the generations.  In addition to the field tiles, resin wall accents formulated with real metals provide two rectilinear decorative pieces as waves and dots.  The collection offers designers more impact with unique mosaic options where porcelain and resin seamlessly combine into an extraordinary surface material.

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