Architect Awards

         The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has announced the recipients for its Associates Awards and Young Architects Awards.  Hallie Crouch, Assoc. AIA, and Jeremy Gentile, Assoc. AIA, have been recognized with the Associates Award for significant contributions to their communities and the architecture professions, particularly how they have engaged students and emerging professionals and helped them to advance their careers.

         The Young Architects Award is given to early career architects who have been recognized for their exceptional leadership and significant contributions to the architecture profession, including environmental advocacy, increasing access to great design, and mentoring future architects. 

         The recipients are: Janica Ley Baker, AIA; Matthew R. Clapper, AIA; Jacob Davis, AIA; Allison Dvorak, AIA; Efrie Escott, AIA; Simona Fischer, AIA; Shannon Gathings, AIA; Brien Graham, AIA; Christopher Haedt, AIA; Ryan R. Murphy, AIA; Beresford Pratt, AIA; Caroline Shannon, AIA; Jason Takeuchi, AIA; Kate Thuesen, AIA; Kimberly Tuttle, AIA; Stephanie Vito, AIA; and David Wilson, AIA. 

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