New Firm

The newly formed firm, The Next Idea (TNI) Architects Inc., will focus on combined architecture and design services with an emphasis on sustainability, sustainable materials, design innovation, and technology integration.

         This exciting news marks a new era for both businesses and their respective clients.  Robert Ancill, the TNI Group CEO said, “This is a very exciting time in the TNI Group’s evolution.  James Heimler and his team have a profusion of experience in the same sectors TNI specializes in, and I believe this acquisition will be of great benefit to both TNI and James Heimler’s existing clients, our employees, and the community at large.”

         The new firm will provide services in hospitality, restaurants, franchise design and rollout services, multi-family homes, luxury homes, government, schools, commercial retail, as well as mixed use and new planetary habitat architecture.  It will be based in Woodland Hills, California.

         TNI Architects will also provide specialist services in sustainability, sustainable materials, design innovation, and technology integration.  As part of this acquisition James Heimler will join TNI Architects as an advisor and consultant, continuing to bring his expertise to the table while passing on his knowledge to the next generation of architects.

         With this exciting news, both companies look forward to leveraging their combined strengths in order to create innovative spaces that are both beautiful and purposeful, providing clients with exceptional architecture that stands out from the rest.

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