Floodlight Luminaire

         Hydrel®, an established innovator and provider of outdoor architectural and landscape lighting products, has announced the expansion of its SAF floodlight luminaire family with the introduction of SAF1 and SAF28 luminaires.  SAF is now a complete non-linear floodlight family for a variety of lighting requirements, including floodlighting, spotlighting, silhouetting, grazing, and wall washing.  With the new additions, the SAF family can be used to create a uniform landscape, contributing to design consistency across a project.

         SAF1 is a compact 3.6”-diameter luminaire, while SAF28 is at the other end of the scale, featuring a powerful 16”-diameter floodlight.  Each delivers powerful lumen output with less luminaire.  With its narrow beam and precision lighting, SAF1 accentuates unique patterns, façades, and landmarks, harmonizing exterior spaces according to architectural lighting design needs.  It offers 6° to 70° high-output distribution and up to 1,500 delivered lumens and is IP66 rated.

         The IP68-rated SAF28 is the largest of the family.  It offers the versatility of 12 beam distributions and delivers up to 18,000 lumens.  To ensure uniform color illumination for wall wash and wall grazing applications, SAF28 offers high-performance optics with a quad chip LED that delivers brilliant light quality and optimal color mixing.  The SAF family now includes an Architectural Multi-Head accessory.  For additional lighting design flexibility, the Multi-Head can be configured with two, three, or four fixtures and positioned horizontally or vertically.  The Multi-Head accessory can be ground or pole mounted.

         A minimalist design across the family ensures each fixture remains discreet, and its focus is on bold beams and precision illumination.  The new luminaires complement the already available SAF7 9” diameter and SAF14 12” diameter, which also offer the same optimal color mixing in the RGBW version.  The SAF family works in different applications and with other Hydrel product families while maintaining a unified aesthetic.


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