Radius House

Expressive Residential Design in Los Angeles, California

by Marcus Dodson, editor & publisher

Radius House is a context-specific, architectural residence and the first ground-up residential project by architecture design studio, Pentagon, Los Angeles, California.  The 3,700-sq.ft, four-bedroom, 4-1/2-bathroom residence features sculptural interior spaces and articulated façades, giving it a distinctive presence in an area recognized for expressive residential designs.  Crisp angles, curved surfaces, and large picture windows throughout the two-story structure create unique moments of dialogue between indoor and outdoor.

All photos courtesy of Eric Staudenmaier

         The home wraps a central courtyard on three sides.  Lush landscaping by Sarita Jaccard Design, Los Angeles, surrounds a raised basalt slab containing a pool, sundeck, and fireplace, conceptualized as a bento box of outdoor activities.  Inside, a cantilevered grand stair encircles a central atrium illuminated from above by a large oculus walkable skylight embedded in the outdoor roof terrace.

         The interior of the residence introduces finish selections that express visual contrast, human scale, and refined materials.  The walnut cladding of the curved shelving in the entry continues through the kitchen to the grand stair and central atrium, wrapping upwards to the roof.  The venetian plaster walls give the residence a luminous continuity and a handcrafted quality throughout.  The radiant heated concrete of the first floor, and European white oak wood on the second second floor, bring a feeling of comfort and warmth to both common and private spaces. 

         Occupying the narrow space between construction, completion, and sale, the property will contain a temporary conceptual exhibition, SALON, curated by Noemi Polo that showcases artwork and objects from renowned international artists and designers.  Acting as both a showroom and a group art show, SALON is an inspiring collection of colorful and ironic materials, objects and bodies.  Creating tension between art and architecture, public and private, it connects the home with the creative community of Los Angeles.

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