Wall Finish

         Sto® Corp., the innovative provider of claddings, coatings, and restoration systems, has announced the launch of Stolit® HDP™, an acrylic-based textured wall finish with enhanced hydrophobic properties.  The benefits of Stolit HDP’s water-repellent properties are multi-fold.  It makes walls less susceptible to dirt accumulation and microbial growth and more resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and mildew, saving on long-term maintenance costs.

         Stolit HDP is an addition to Sto’s line-up of finishes unmatched by the competition.  It’s available in four texture options or can be applied using any StoSignature® application techniques, providing a great deal of aesthetic flexibility. 

         Sto is an international technology leader in the design and production of innovative building materials tailored to human needs.  The company’s wall systems, coatings, and finishes have been the choice of leading architects, engineers, and contractors for 61 years.  Sto is a global manufacturer of exterior thermal insulation systems, with 35 subsidiaries, more than 5,000 employees, and 21 factories.  Sto offers a wide range of aesthetic possibilities on a complete collection of building enclosure systems for field-built and prefabricated project delivery.

         Sto Corp., based in Atlanta, Georgia, produces a broad range of advanced building enclosure, air moisture barrier, and coating systems that deliver energy efficiency and superior aesthetics for building construction, maintenance, and restoration.  Sto’s plants are ISO certified for environmental protection and quality control, and the company is strategically located to serve more than 200 distributor shipping locations throughout North and South America.  Sto Corp. is committed to developing next-generation building solutions, and the company’s employees are advocates for technical mastery in the pursuit of a sustainably built environment.


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