Acoustic Luminaires

         A-Light™, a manufacturer of specification-grade interior lighting solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of the Absorb family of acoustic luminaires, with the introduction of its Absorb I fixture.  The luminaire is available with uplight, downlight, or both.

         Absorb I suspended luminaires are suitable for environments where ambient noise is a concern, such as offices, hospitality settings, or transitional areas with high ceilings or hard surfaces.  The vertical acoustic panels feature a distinctive flanged design.  A special insert within the structure, unique to Absorb I, provides additional sound absorption in a space.

         Available in 2’ and 4’ lengths, Absorb I luminaires enable designers to explore their creativity.  Unique shapes can be created by connecting fixtures at different angles.  Fixtures can be combined with a discreet joiner system hidden within the luminaire’s felt for seamless designs.  Continuous runs, squares, or rectangles can be created using 90º or 180º angle joiners.  For more complex patterns, designers can collaborate with A-Light’s Design Assist team to connect fixtures at non-standard joiner angles, ranging between 90º to 180º. 

         Thermoformed acoustic panels, available in four standard and 26 premium colors, enable designers to define a space or complement an existing aesthetic.  The polyester felt panels, manufactured with recycled plastic bottles, are 100% recyclable.

         Designers can choose various light distributions to achieve the desired direct or indirect illumination.  Absorb I’s direct lighting uses a Lambertian film optic for reduced glare, while indirect optics allow for more efficient and controlled light.  Indirect optics can be selected with batwing wide, batwing extra-wide, or asymmetric distribution.  Unlit versions are also available for applications where more sound absorption is required while maintaining design consistency within a space. 

         Additional flexibility is available with a tunable white option or dim to warm, ranging from 5000K to 2700K, creating white light that shifts seamlessly between color temperatures.  Absorb I luminaires may also be enabled with the nLight® AIR or nLight Wired network control system to manage lighting throughout indoor spaces, reduce energy costs, and improve occupant comfort.

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