Mortise Lock

         INOX® has introduced its new PD3000 Narrow Profile Mortise Lock for sliding doors.  The PD3000 is designed to fit smaller door openings, such as those found in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and intensive care units, and easily retrofits to replace existing narrow profile locks.  The self-latching capabilities and commercial-grade design of the PD3000 provide designers, builders, and specifiers with a resilient and durable hardware option for hospitals and other healthcare spaces.

         The PD3000 features a hook bolt that remains retracted until the door is closed and the built-in actuator contacts the strike, which latches the bolt into the strike.  This key innovation creates a clean door profile that offers an improved path of access without the risk of catching clothing on a visible bolt.  In addition, the use of the actuator button to release the hook bolt eliminates the reliance on gravity or serious impact against the bolt to activate the lock, reducing wear and tear on the door and extending the life of the lock.

         INOX is an innovative engineering company serving the residential, commercial, hospitality, and healthcare industries.  An expert in door hardware design, manufacture, and assembly, INOX has supplied locks, pulls, and levers for some of the most beautiful buildings in the world.  INOX products continue to revolutionize the industry, from the first privacy barn door locks to electric mortise sliding door locks with auto-latching and auto-locking capabilities for touchless opening solutions.

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