Eureka®, a provider of decorative lighting solutions, has announced the release of its Caldera architectural luminaire.  Caldera’s invisible light source, housed in a minimal, contemporary ring, creates a diffused glow.  Caldera rings can be mounted in suspension, wall surface, or ceiling surface.  For additional impact, surface applications can be selected with a flush mount, so there is no visible junction box plate.  With a thin 2.7” profile, ceiling or wall-mounted versions are appropriate for tighter spaces or low ceilings.  The luminaires are also ADA compliant.  The rings are offered in 28″ or 46″ diameters, in black or white.  Designers can mix and match colors and sizes to create unique patterns across a wall or a bespoke chandelier arrangement in suspension.

         Caldera’s light source is hidden within the ring’s cavity.  The conical-shaped shade redirects light downwards to create ambient, Lambertian illumination that is glare-free from any angle.  Regular, high, or super-high output options are available to meet specific lighting needs.  The luminaire produces a range from 1960 to 6900 delivered lumens, dependent on the size and output selected.

         The suspended version of Caldera is tunable white and is compatible with the nLight® AIR or nLight Wired network control system.  These systems manage lighting throughout indoor spaces, helping to reduce energy costs and improve occupant comfort.  Caldera’s comfortable illumination, modern aesthetic, sizes, and mounting options make it a versatile luminaire.  It can be used in multiple locations, such as meeting areas, hallways, lobbies, and co-working areas.

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