New Members

         The Metal Construction Association (MCA) is proud to announce two companies have recently become members of the association: Lorin Industries and Metallic Products.  These companies have joined 100+ MCA member companies, which include manufacturers and suppliers dedicated to expanding and developing the metal construction industry.

         For nearly eight decades, Lorin Industries has been a worldwide provider of coil anodized aluminum.  Lorin partners with many of the world’s leading designers, product engineers, architects, and fabricators.  They are known for their creativity and innovations in bringing new and exciting products and building designs to life and helping their clientele achieve their vision.  Lorin’s products include coil coating, natural metal, and metal coil.

         Established in 1962, Metallic Products takes pride in providing quality, ventilation products, outstanding customer service, and shortened lead times to its customers.  While the company is internationally known for ridge ventilators, it offers a host of related products, including roof curbs, wall louvers, and door canopies.  Both companies will now have access to the resources available to all MCA members, including updated technical reports, research data, the Annual Market Study, networking opportunities, and industry information in the members-only section of the MCA website. 

         MCA members represent a broad array of companies including metal roof, wall panel, shingles and coatings manufacturers, coil coaters and metal producers, distributors, equipment and accessories manufacturers, energy insulation system manufacturers, MCM fabricators, and contractors.  MCA member companies benefit from participation in association activities and connections among suppliers and industry leaders in research, codes and standards, market development, and technical programs.  The association works to increase the use of metal materials in construction by educating the building and design communities about the benefits of metal.

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