Redesigned Website

         Sto Corp®., the innovative provider of claddings, air barriers, coatings, and restoration systems, has announced the launch of the company’s completely redesigned website.  The overhauled website is consistent with Sto’s increased embracement of aesthetics in recent years. 

         The redesigned website features two brand new tools engineered to assist designers with their creative visions.  The StoInspire tool aids designers in the visualization stage by allowing them to apply selected Sto aesthetic surfaces and colors to building models.  This provides them with a view of Sto’s aesthetic capabilities and how various products can be combined on a building’s façade.  Designers can save their project renderings and even order material samples through the tool. 

         The Aesthetic+Product Selector tool allows users to choose a desired aesthetic look and see the product and system options that Sto offers for achieving that look.  It provides an easy and intuitive way for designers to find the appropriate aesthetic and system for their needs.

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