Small Houses

         The mass shift away from expensive urban living has resulted in people searching for smaller, more affordable homes.  Bigger Than Tiny, Smaller Than Average, a new book by Sheri Koones, gives examples of small-house options around the country.

         Whether homeowners are transitioning to smaller homes for economic, environmental, or social benefits, the trend does not seem to be limited to one reason or even one generation, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping.  Koones has jumped on this movement and offers several explanations in her introduction.  No matter why people are moving or if they’re building, renovating, or purchasing something new, this book will provide inspiration for the shift.

         Each of the 26 houses featured includes a floor plan and a listing of green and energy-efficient features.  Sidebars on topics ranging from heating and ventilation systems to flexible spaces, wet rooms, and prefabrication will help any homeowner concerned about the environment and hoping to save money on energy and maintenance.

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