30th Anniversary

         The beginnings of S-5!® is a tale steeped in history.  It all began in 1991.  Rob Haddock had been a long-time contractor and consultant in the metal roofing and metal construction industry, having learned ground-up, straight from the trenches, all about erecting metal buildings and metal roofing.  Throughout his contracting career, he was always innovating and discovering different and better ways to do things.  He realized the attachment of anything to standing seam roofing without violating the integrity of the roof seemed impossible.  Haddock began tinkering with ideas to solve this age-old problem, and then created an aluminum prototype.

         In 1993, Haddock met Harry Carner who had a decades-long tenure in the aluminum extrusion industry and manufacturer of all things aluminum.  He was sold on the concept of adding value to extruded goods and a master of process manufacturing and fabrication.  To manufacture his invention, Haddock took it to a company where Carner was the plant manager.  

         For the next 18 years, Haddock kept innovating new things and teaching Carner more about how and why they are used within the metal roofing industry.  Carner figured out how to manufacture them, and in turn, taught Haddock all about aluminum extruding and manufacturing processes.  In 2011, the two innovators joined forces, bringing production of all S-5! products under one roof to serve the metal roofing industry and to further spread their unparalleled expertise.

         With all three of his adult children now in the family business, along with a team of professionals, a testing lab, and its own ISO-certified manufacturing facility, S-5! continues to innovate new and better solutions in a constant product improvement and invention/reinvention mode within the product category it originally created.

         Iowa Park, Texas, is the home of the S-5! manufacturing plant.  Under the supervision of Carner, vice president of manufacturing, the 74,000-sq.ft. state-of-the-art facility is where millions of clamps and brackets start as simple extrusions and eventually get cut, deburred, machined, punched, packed, and sent on their way to metal roofs in 70 countries worldwide.

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