Architecture Book

         In California, between 1945-1973, more than six million housing units were built, the majority single-family tract houses.  Those ranch-style homes are still around and most are in dire need of remodeling and updating, particularly post-COVID when we expect the combination of long lockdowns and sky-high housing costs will make remodeling seem like a necessity. 

         An MIT-educated architect, Maria Ogrydziak has been working in California’s Central Valley for more than three decades and has built or redesigned more than 400 homes.  Much of her work has been centered on renovating and personalizing 1960’s tract houses and bungalows and transforming these uniform spaces into unique, spacious, and personal homes.  Her new book, Framing the Valley, is a retrospective of her work and philosophy full of advice and tips on how people should approach renewing their homes.

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