Managing Director

         AkzoNobel is delighted to announce that Daniela Vlad has been appointed as managing director of AkzoNobel Industrial Coatings.  Vlad will lead the strategic direction across a diverse product portfolio, including coil and extrusion coatings, packaging coatings, wood finishes, and wood adhesives.  She brings a wealth of experience and expertise, having joined AkzoNobel from Philips in 2019.  Since then, she’s held a variety of key leadership positions within the company’s coatings businesses, having previously led its automotive and aerospace activities. 

         “I’m both proud and delighted to be leading such a diverse business as Industrial Coatings,” she said.  “Its various activities cover a wide-ranging industry and product portfolio.  As well as helping customers keep garage doors and building façades protected and beautiful, we also coat 50% of all beverage cans, keep kitchens beautiful, wooden floors protected, and hold wooden roof beams together.​

         “It’s incredible to see just how far our products and services reach and how committed our team is in helping our customers.  I’m really excited to have joined such a talented team and look forward to leading the business into a new era of progress and development.” 

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