Updated Version

         The NFRC Board has approved an updated version of the NFRC 703-2023 (E0A0): NFRC Research Program for use upon publication.  The updates are designed to streamline the research process to allow faster approval or denial of research requests and promote inclusion of new or existing energy efficient technologies in NFRC certifications.

         The Research, Innovation, Sustainability, and Technology Advisory Group (RISTAG) has been created as the governing body of the research program.  The RISTAG is comprised of the Research and Technology Committee Chair, the Technical Committee Chair, the Ratings Committee Chair, NFRC senior staff, and the chief operating officer.  Subject matter experts shall be involved on an as needed basis. 

         The benefits of creation of this group will allow for: consumers to obtain the latest energy efficiency products more quickly with NFRC certification; research requests to be reviewed upon receipt and not be limited to spring and fall NFRC committee meetings; a reduction in steps for research requests, and a clearly defined timeline for research stages, to reduce confusion in the process; and more transparency for membership with a research project listing available on the NFRC Community website.  

         This will provide the ability to track the status of each research request or project with priority levels and current status, the opportunity to comment on new research requests, allow subject matter expert support, and accessibility to all finalized research reports. 

         Outreach to industry organizations to determine research opportunities related to new or emerging fenestration technologies, will allow for collaboration early in the process to make technologies available for public use upon market release, and development of relationships for sponsorship or alternate funding opportunities outside NFRC.

         The RISTAG will provide independent and consistent review of research request through the designated representatives.  The objective of implementing changes to the research program is to increase speed to begin research, promote innovation, ensuring the research aligns with the NFRC mission and vision, and ensure priority scheduling and budgeting for the most pressing or advantageous research. 


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