Back to the Future

Mountain Modern Home in Lake Tahoe, California

by William Apotheker, vice president, East River PR

Mountain Modern is the new normal.  Most new home designs fall under this umbrella, and thanks to HOA regulations, many of these homes end up looking a lot alike.  But, sometimes just a tiny tip of the scales can make a huge difference.  That’s why the owners of this Martis Camp masterpiece in Truckee, California, decided to tilt their design towards the modern side of Mountain Modern. 

         The 3,250-sq.ft. home was originally going to be a vacation home, but during the build the family decided to move up to the Lake Tahoe region full time.  That gave the team a little more leeway to expand their goals, resulting in this luxurious jewelry box showpiece.  As a conscious step away from the dark woods and steel beams that are so prevalent in the region, this home features gold, silver, taupe, white, and blue.  Rich textures are incorporated throughout with thoughtfully selected fabric, wallpaper, stone, tile, wood, and decorative lighting.  Each element acts as an individual art piece and each room has its own unique character. 

Photos courtesy of Vance Fox Photography

         The home features several custom elements, such as the one-of-a-kind 12’ dining table, custom built-in beds with storage for the children’s bedrooms, and a four-person desk that allows the entire family to work together.  Plus, there’s plenty of storage space for office supplies and equipment so no one has to fight over the phone charger.  By request, there’s even an anti-fog shaving mirror incorporated into the primary bathroom shower.  Naturally, all of the outdoor gathering spaces were treated as additional living zones, to ensure the family can enjoy the beautiful Lake Tahoe environment nearly all year round. 

         Architecturally, the two shed roof forms dominate the skyline and include 90º rake walls clad in black standing-seam metal roofing.  Rake windows are placed in the bunk-room and bedroom to emphasize this unique geometry.  Flat roof structures anchor the home to the grounds.  It all adds up to a fully functional family home, a space that works with today’s modern busy lifestyle, while still exuding elegance, luxury, and personality.

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