Glass Tile

         ANSI A137.2-21, American National Standard Specifications for Glass Tile, first released digitally in July 2021, is now available in both digital and print.  The updates to this version compared to the previous version are outlined below.  The following has been updated: Section 6.3 Labeling Procedures; Section 6.3.1, Section 6.3.2, and Section 6.3.3; Section 7.1 Procedure for Determining Facial and Structural Defects in Fused and Low Temperature-Coated Glass Tile Units; Section and Section; Section 7.4 Evaluation of Shade Value of Glass Tiles, Aesthetic Classes V1 to V4; and Section and Section

         The Tile Council of North America has created an easy-to-use checklist as a guide for the tests specified in ANSI A137.2 Specification for Glass Tile to help you organize the tests you need.

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