DayStar™ Skylight Systems, which passively harness and enhance the sun’s light, are not simple skylights.  Rather, applying physics to standard glass domes facilitates and diffuses the light entering a building without harshness or glare.  These energy-efficient systems can evenly illuminate building interiors of any size with pleasing daylight.  The dramatic effect floods the space with bright light, enabling true color perception, which is crucial for selling many products.

         Natural sunlight has long been known to be superior to any kind of artificial light source.  It contains the full spectrum of colors and studies show that people are generally happier and healthier living, working, and shopping in sunlit environments. 

         The DayStar system is composed of four parts.  First, sunlight is gathered and diffused through an ultra-clear outer dome and inner collimation lens.  A light shaft made of insulated panels with highly reflective interior surfaces amplifies natural light as it is captured.  Finally, an attractive ceiling lens, engineered to diffuse highly concentrated light into a broad lighting pattern, is installed on the interior ceiling.  The product comes in three common sizes, including 2’x2’, 2’x4’, and 4’x4’, although others are available.

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