Woodgrain Finishes

         Steelscape®, a West Coast manufacturer of coated and painted metal for roofing and siding has launched two new matte woodgrain finishes ideal for metal siding.  The two finishes, matte barnwood and matte red cedar offer an authentic wood siding alternative without compromise.  The finishes expand the appeal of metal siding through a realistic woodgrain pattern, low-gloss finish, and rich color.

         The two different finishes offer broad color versatility for metal wood siding.  Matte barnwood offers the distinctiveness of reclaimed wood products, and matte red cedar provides the warmth and charm of stained wood.  Both designs evoke the natural essence of real wood by eliminating typical metal shine through low-gloss paint technology.  Both offer a refined finish for board-and-batten residential siding, lap siding, metal log siding, architectural wall profiles, and more.

         Now home and building owners can enjoy the visual character of authentic woodgrain siding but with the low-maintenance and durability offered by metal siding.  Metal is a high-performance siding solution ideal for many environments and applications.  Metal is fire-resistant, rot-resistant, impervious to termites, and does not require continual refinishing like traditional wood products.

         Steelscape is a manufacturer of pre-painted metal, the metal used for metal roofing and siding.  Today, genuine Steelscape steel is used by many of the largest roof and wall product manufacturers in the United States, with more than 400 million pounds of painted steel produced yearly.  The term pre-painted refers to metal that is painted in a controlled environment before it is formed into its finished shape, creating a high-performance, long-lasting finish.  Steelscape’s committed team, operates two manufacturing facilities in California and Washington.


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