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         With DIYers representing a considerable portion of the deck building/intending category, Trex® Company, a manufacturer of high-performance, wood-alternative decking and railing, and leader in low-maintenance outdoor living products, has announced the launch of Trex Academy™, an online multimedia content hub dedicated to helping DIYers bring their deck dreams to life by providing expert support every step of the way.

         Housed within the Trex website, Trex Academy includes a robust mix of resources geared toward DIYers of all skill levels.  Content and tools range from insightful quizzes and inspirational galleries featuring real homeowners and deck projects, to helpful planning tools like an AR Deck Visualizer app, cost and color calculators, and a user-friendly Deck Designer tool.  For those ready to get the projects off the ground, there is a comprehensive library of step-by-step how-to guides and videos for navigating the entire deck building process from concept to completion.

         Once inside Trex Academy pages, visitors have the opportunity to explore the content at their own pace.  Easily digestible modules allow users to review and tackle steps consecutively or skip around based on where they are in their process.  The landing page features the following resources: an ideal starting point with helpful tools for comparing and selecting materials, estimating costs, visualizing and drafting deck designs, ordering samples, and finding nearby retailers and builders; covers key steps to building a deck, including important pre-build considerations, inspirational and shoppable Project Galleries for finding the perfect look, and expert advice and testimonials from real DIYers; detailed step-by-step instruction guides take you through every part of the process from planning and foundation work to installing decking, lighting, and railing, plus finishing touches and even upcycling leftover materials; and full installation guides, product brochures, care and cleaning guides, warranty information, technical and safety information, architectural spec sheets, and more.

         For more visual learners, Trex Academy also features a full YouTube® playlist complete with 15 newly produced, in-depth how-to videos covering the entire deck building process.  Each video is easily navigated using chapter markers and offers instructions and expert tips from Trex’s How-To Team.  Links to related videos and a shoppable list of featured products are included in descriptions of each video.

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