Glass Panels

         Hufcor®, a provider of operable partitions and movable glass walls, now offers GFS Acoustic Slide™ Glass Wall Panels in the company’s popular GF Series.  The aluminum framed glass wall panels slide in a sequential movement, with overlapping 1-3/4” vertical stiles and interlocking top and bottom rails.  Sliding Glass Wall panels can be ordered with sound transmission class (STC) ratings of 33, 37, or 38, and all panels have top and bottom sweeps.

         A typical partition in the GFS Acoustic Slide Glass Wall Panels consists of one to six panels, with pull handle hardware attached to the lead panel.  Flush pull hardware includes a retractable edge pull, which extends by a push button.  ADA and egress complying hardware with lock options are also available.  The safe, smooth operations of the glass panels make them easy for anyone to use.  Multiple panel configurations are available for the GFS Acoustic Slide Panels, including wall to wall, storage pocket, and wall overlap.  Panels can be created up to 50-3/4” wide and 10’ 5” tall, providing large, clear views.

         At Hufcor, customization is key for any product.  With the GFS Acoustic Slide Panels, there are four frame options; including premium powder textured coated frames in sky white, dark bronze, black, or clear aluminum anodized frame.  Hardware finish options include polished or satin stainless steel, clear anodized, dark bronze, and black.  Locks and floor pin activators are set waist-high for security and ease of use.

         Glass options abound for the GFS Acoustic Slide Panels.  All are 1/2” thick and include: clear tempered, clear 33 STC; low iron tempered, high clarity 33 STC; clear laminated, clear 37 STC; clear laminated/cool white 80% light transmittance, translucent 37 STC; clear laminated/arctic snow 65% light transmittance, translucent 37 STC; clear laminated/polar white 7% light transmittance, translucent 37 STC; and clear laminated acoustical PVB, clear 38 STC. 

         Additionally, new Architectural Acrylic Resins are now available in more than 140 choices featuring state-of-the-art acrylic decorative resins for unique design options.

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