San Diego Office

         National interdisciplinary design firm, HGA, has announced the opening of a San Diego, California, office to accommodate the firm’s growing portfolio and reaffirm its commitment to the region.  The new office strengthens HGA’s robust California practice, joining four other offices in the state, including Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose.  The new hub marks the 12th office for the firm in the United States, providing local and market-specific expertise to the San Diego area backed by the resources of a national company.  The new San Diego office is a seamless extension of the firm, providing the same quality of services via an experienced, on-the-ground team.

         HGA’s full-time San Diego staff comprises experienced architects and engineers guided by long-time leaders from within the firm, in addition to new local experts who have helped shape the region.  The office will build upon the firm’s shared national expertise across a broad scope of markets with a particular focus on the industries that are hallmarks of the San Diego region.

         Founded nearly 70 years ago, HGA has long maintained a robust network and strong presence within the architecture and design communities.  The firm prioritizes an interdisciplinary, people-first approach backed by critical insight into the unique needs, culture, and design goals of its clients to drive innovative, purposeful, and enduring solutions.  The dedicated San Diego team will benefit from this research-based design philosophy as well as access to and collaboration with HGA’s unique nationwide collective of in-house specialists, which includes process engineers, design thinking specialists, evidence-based researchers, and others. 

         HGA’s multidisciplinary team employs a holistic, collaborative process fueled by empathy for each individual client and the people who inhabit their buildings.  Research is foundational to HGA’s work and philosophy.  It is a fundamental link between the curiosity that propels the firm to dig deeper and the knowledge that enables it to help clients and communities to thrive.  HGA’s advanced integration of technology elevates its understanding of decisions made during the design phase and the ultimate impact they have on the built environment.  The firm is also committed to tailoring its process and delivery methods for every client’s context to ensure the best result.

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