EarthCam, a provider of webcam technology and services, has announced a major upgrade for Control Center 8, its software-as-a-service (SaaS) for visual collaboration, available to all EarthCam clients.  A new AI Media Dashboard simplifies the complex task of organizing, navigating, analyzing, and sharing imagery and data in relation to construction projects.

         Today’s jobsites generate massive amounts of imagery, from mobile devices, webcams, UAVs, 360° reality capture, and BIM.  The new AI Media Dashboard creates a destination for information to be automatically uploaded and shared to a centralized, secure, asset database, which places all visual information at stakeholders’ fingertips.  Data extracted from imagery is presented in powerful 4D visualizations drawing from millions of data-points to give a new level of insight and search ability, helping owners, contractors, and clients to drive productivity.

         The AI Media Dashboard is a major feature of EarthCam’s latest release of its Control Center platform, version 8.8, which includes 70+ upgrades.  Images, video, and other file types are automatically geo-tagged, filtered, and connected with floor plans.  EarthCam’s AI-powered object recognition enables equipment and proximity tracking, PPE auditing, activity heat-mapping, and real-time alerts.  Uploads to the Dashboard are viewed by category, object, or event type, empowering project managers to easily find all the moments where a lift was operated with a spotter to supervise, or summarize when deliveries were made, or not made, on schedule.

         Seamless integrations with project management platforms provide new ways to accelerate collaborative decision-making.  With Control Center 8.8, customers can centrally manage multi-client access by inviting and verifying users on a per-project basis to enhance cooperation.  Favorite projects can be chosen for inclusion in specific dashboards for quick access.  Screen reader compatibility is also introduced for visually impaired users, delivering ADA compliance when embedding EarthCam’s media player on public sites.

         Further upgrades include expanded weather reporting capabilities, a new timeline interface to quickly scrub through 24 hours of video, and faster access to video clips activated by object detection in the Edge Video Recorder. 


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