Ledger Tape

         Ask any contractor where a deck is most likely to fail and, chances are, they’ll point to the ledger board.  If not correctly installed and protected, this single element can be the downfall of a deck’s structure.  With this in mind, the makers of Trex® RainEscape® have introduced Trex Seal™ Ledger Tape, an 11”-wide aluminum-lined butyl tape specifically engineered for use on the ledger board of a deck.

         Easily one of wood’s worst enemies, moisture is a recurring theme across ledger board failures.  In most deck installations, there is a small gap left between the house and the deck that allows water to seep down and onto the ledger board, where it can collect and penetrate the wood, eventually leading to decay.  Additionally, the natural expansion and contraction of wood over time can cause the ledger board to weaken, split, and deteriorate.

         Protecting the ledger board with proper flashing is critical for ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of a deck.  However, because traditional metal flashing attaches to the home using nails or screws, water can still seep into screw holes and penetrate the wood, causing it to rot and the screws to rust.  For waterproofing, flashing tape is substantially better since it is self-adhering and creates a tight seal on boards and around hardware.

         Trex Seal, when used as part of a Trex RainEscape system installation, takes ledger flashing to a whole new level by combining the best performance features of metal and tape flashing in one easy-to-use product.  Reinforced with an aluminum liner, the 11”-wide tape covers the entire surface of the ledger board and creates a seamless seal over any gaps between the ledger and deck substructure for optimal protection against moisture and water penetration.

         Designed specifically for deck applications, both in its function and size, Trex Seal features a convenient 5.5” double-release liner that allows installers to bend and set it in place without it flexing back like other flashing tapes.  It is AAMA 711-13 compliant and its 11” width replaces the need to use multiple strips of tape, saving valuable time on the job site.


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