Gathering 20 essays written over 20 years, Figments of the Architectural Imagination explores the frontiers of speculative architectural design, theory, and pedagogy to offer clear-eyed and incisive treatments of some of the most important projects, practices, and polemics at work making contemporary architecture contemporary. 

         These sharp and insightful texts, whether addressing the impact of digital technology; the design of an effective hotel; the emergence of the Los Angeles, California, vanguard; or the proper execution of a thesis project, combine frontline reportage, archival scholarship, trenchant prose, and impressive critical acumen to cut through the cacophony of recent architectural discourse with uncommon clarity, intelligence, rigor, and wit. 

         Taken together, these essays provide essential orientation for practitioners, academics, students, and aficionados hoping to understand how contemporary architecture came to be where it is and to speculate on where it might go next. 

         Todd Gannon is professor of architecture at the Knowlton School at The Ohio State University.  His books include Reyner Banham and the Paradoxes of High Tech, The Light Construction Reader, Et in Suburbia Ego: José Oubrerie’s Miller House, and A Confederacy of Heretics with Ewan Branda. 

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