Glass Railing

         The Track Rail™ frameless glass railing system from Sightline Commercial Solutions is designed with an aluminum shoe base without the use of vertical balusters or posts between glass infill panels.  This base shoe glass railing system can be mounted as an independent railing or in combination with many of our other railing options, making it a perfect choice for sightline and safety.  Its aluminum shoe base construction provides sustainability from recycled content corrosion resistance, and it contributes to a building’s LEED® Recycled Content credits.

         Daylighting, the harvesting and distribution of natural light, continues to be a key design element for commercial buildings and has been linked to improved mood, enhanced morale, less fatigue, and reduced eyestrain, resulting in increased job satisfaction and productivity.  Although windows and skylights remain the first and most obvious daylighting choices for buildings, other architectural elements can enhance the impact of daylighting and contribute considerable benefits.  One such option is glass railing.  When used on stairways, overlooks, and walkways, glass railing can play a key role in facilitating light infiltration.  As part of an overall integrated design, or a retrofit, glass railing can go a long way toward opening up a space and enhancing the ambience and safety of a building environment.

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