Deck Solutions

         Altenloh, Brinck & Co.® US, Inc., is pleased to announce the immediate availability of two new additions to the SPAX® Deck Solution Center category of products: SPAX deck board spacers and SPAX deck joist and beam tape.  SPAX deck board spacers are used to ensure consistent spacing during deck construction.  Applications include pressure-treated board spacings, 1/16” and 1/8”, and composite/PVC board spacings, 3/16” and 1/4”.

         SPAX deck board spacers include the following features: provides consistent spacing; durable, high-impact body; hole in the wing to help pull the spacer out if it becomes lodged/stuck between boards; versatility of four spacing dimensions in one part for both wood and synthetic materials; prevents denting and marring of material; and built-in spacer notch provides consistent screw alignment.

         SPAX deck board spacers are packaged in clamshell cartons containing three pieces and in master cut-case cartons of ten packs ready for retail shelves.  This new SPAX product is manufactured in the United States and packaged/stocked in Bryan, Ohio.  SPAX deck joist and beam tape is designed to extend the life of wooden decks.  Placed directly on the top of joists and beams, it acts as a moisture barrier.  Stock is available in two widths: 1-5/8” joist tape for joists and 3-1/4” beam tape for all double joists and beams.

         Other features of SPAX deck joist and beam tape include: strong, durable, and flexible with UV resistant facer; forms a tight seal around deck fasteners to prevent moisture penetration; stable at high temperatures without dips, stains, or oozing; ridged polyethylene surface is slip resistant; fast and simple installation; easy to remove release liner; apply to horizontal and vertical surfaces including all joists, double joists, beams, stair stringers, stair treads, ledger board, and other surfaces; zero volatile organic compounds; and ten-year limited warranty.

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