Tropical Oasis

Artistic & High-Performing Roof for Home on Hawaii’s Big Island

by Melissa Lee, marketing communications manager, Duro-Last Roofing, Inc.

Known as The Big Island, the island of Hawaii is home to 750 miles of combined coastline, striking white and black-sand beaches, active volcanoes, exotic wildlife, and all but four of the world’s different climate zones.  Commonly regarded as a tropical paradise, the Hawaiian Islands are a popular destination for adventurous homeowners to set down roots. 

         When Curt Cline of Modern House Architects, San Francisco, California, was commissioned to draw up plans for a new home overlooking Puakō Bay, his ability to blur the lines between nature and structure resulted in a stunning project that brought the Pacific Ocean right into the living spaces.  Featuring panoramic ocean views with floor-to-ceiling glass walls that open onto a lanai space, the structural steel-framed home almost appears to become one with the landscape.  Even the elevated pool, which features a glass wall along the ocean side, is designed to feel like an extension of the natural beauty that distinguishes Hawaii as a tropical oasis.  

         Naturally, an architectural home like this project includes clean lines and low slopes, which help it blend with its surroundings.  While low-slope roofs offer enormous design flexibility, they also require proper materials and expertise to waterproof effectively.

         Pacific Isle Homes of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, was contracted to oversee construction of the home, while T. Perry and Sons Roofing, a third-generation family-owned company from Rancho Cucamonga, California, was brought in to handle the roofing portions of the new build. 

         “We’ve established a great relationship with Cline, the architect on this project, over the years,” said Craig Perry, owner of T. Perry and Sons Roofing.  “He trusts the long-term performance of Duro-Last® PVC on his architectural work, as well as our ability to install it effectively.  When he designed this home, he gave the general contractor at Pacific Isle Homes our information and we flew to the island without hesitation.” 

         Working from the plywood deck fastened over the steel-framed structure, the T. Perry and Sons crew applied a self-adhering modified granular cap sheet to achieve a class A fire rating.  Tapered polyiso insulation was then installed before mechanically attaching the 50 mil custom-fabricated Duro-Last deck sheets.  To preserve the clean lines of the design, downspouts were hidden inside the wall structure and gutters had to be hidden within the roof’s surface.

         “Drainage was definitely the most challenging aspect of this project,” said Perry.  “With the help of EXCEPTIONAL® Metals, we designed custom gutters with a Duro-Last PVC skirt that could be dropped into the gutter space around the perimeter of the roof.  The owner didn’t want to see the roof edge, so the skirt had to extend over the edge, and aluminum fascia was then used to terminate the entire system.  It looks beautiful, but it was an intricate process to make sure it provided the look that the owner wanted while still providing proper drainage.”

         T. Perry and Sons completed the 7,000-sq.ft. roof installation in five weeks, however, Perry’s involvement didn’t end when the last piece of fascia was installed.  Wanting to add an artistic touch to the project, he partnered with local artist Chē Pilago of Kā’eo Hawaii Studio and Darren Lokela Duquette to design two large pieces that represented the local culture of the Pacific Islands.  Utilizing patina Duro-Tuff® membrane, they sketched out the designs, one a manta ray and one a sea turtle, which Perry then cut out and welded to the installed Duro-Last membrane on the roof.

         “We were able to secure a couple of five-foot rolls of Duro-Tuff for the artwork, but we wanted them to be more prominent on the rooftop, so the artist worked his magic and sketched the designs using multiple pieces of membrane, which I then welded together for the installation,” Perry explained.  “It turned out beautifully and adds a unique flair to the project.  Plus, I had a lot of fun partnering with the local artist to spread my creative wings.”

         In an additional effort to ensure that the home functions in harmony with its surroundings, solar panels are slated to be added later this summer, which will power the water heater, pool heater, and overall electricity for the structure.

         “Everyone involved in this project has been thrilled with the outcome,” said Perry.  “Projects like this are why we love to work with Duro-Last.  Not only do their products perform in the most demanding environments, but their customer service and support are also top-notch.  From the custom gutters we designed with EXCEPTIONAL Metals, to the sales team securing Duro-Tuff membrane for the artwork, everyone bends over backward to ensure our needs are met and the owners’ expectations are exceeded.  You can’t get that level of service anywhere else.”

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