Recycling Center

         GAF has announced plans for its initial commercial-scale asphalt shingle recycling operation to reclaim post-consumer shingle waste and support production of the first roofing shingles manufactured with recycled asphalt.  The operation includes a new asphalt shingle recycling center located in Corsicana, Texas, designed to take end-of-life roofing shingles, reclaim 90% of the waste material collected, and create high-quality recycled asphalt briquettes that can be transported and used in the manufacture of new products.  It also includes an expansion to GAF’s Ennis, Texas, shingle plant, allowing it to utilize the briquettes to manufacture shingles containing recycled material that meet the same standards for quality and performance as GAF’s other Timberline® products. 

         GAF expects both components to be fully operational by the end of 2023.  GAF plans to scale this recycling capability with the ultimate goal of incorporating recycled asphalt content across all GAF shingle products and diverting at least one million tons of asphalt shingles annually from landfills by 2030.  Once operations are up and running, the Corsicana facility will be able to divert 300,000 tons of shingle waste from landfills a year, supplying the Ennis plant, and other shingle facilities, with enough recycled asphalt briquettes to produce shingles containing recycled content for more than 660,000 homes each year. 

         Today, about 75% percent of roofs in the United States are protected with asphalt shingles, and only about 10% of those roofs are reused or recycled, with the rest ending up in landfills.  Through GAF’s process, the shingles from just one roof can produce enough recycled material to cover 12 new roofs. 

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