Architecture Book

         Architecture’s New Strangeness by Kenneth Moffett arose from two observations: that building design in these first decades of the 21st century has come to accept and pursue some increasingly odd and disturbing trends, and that there seems to be insufficient architectural criticism that calls these trends to account.  Its mission is to take up that neglected role with respect to some specific exemplars of these trends, with subjects coming primarily from the worlds of commercial and institutional architecture.

         Numerous critiques of individual projects, all with hand-drawn illustrations, are presented under main headings of Obscuration, Fragmentation, Deformation, and Degradation.  The book takes a somewhat acerbic tone, to distance the narrative from the rather serious and high-minded approach to written material that the subject seems prey to.

         Following a year abroad as a Paris Prize recipient and interning with The Architects Collaborative, Moffett co-founded of the award-winning Tennessee architecture firm BullockSmith, where he has spent a career as design director.

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