Eureka, a manufacturer of decorative lighting solutions, has announced several enhancements to its Aperture luminaire.  Aperture features a contemporary shade design and a hollow center that gives the decorative pendant a distinct lightness.  With no direct line of sight to the light source, it creates a glare-free experience.  Available in 12″, 24″, and 36″ diameters, it is designed for spaces that require a bold statement.

         One of the key enhancements is the introduction of a new HO light output.  Depending on the selected size, the pendant can now deliver up to 4,402 lumens.  A white tuning option has also been introduced.  Initially released in anthracite or white, designers may now select a gold finish for the exterior or interior of the shade to complement a more elegant design aesthetic.  Suspended with aircraft mounting and clear cable that is field adjustable, a new centered canopy with angled cables is now offered for all sizes.  Aperture pendants may now be easily utilized for replacement or renovation projects. 

         Since 1987, Eureka, a brand within the Acuity Brands Lighting and Controls portfolio, has been working relentlessly to enhance the environment of the end user with compelling lighting solutions.  The company’s passion for designing and manufacturing distinctive, specification-grade decorative luminaires enables lighting designers, designers, and architects to transform their concepts into reality.


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