Pendant & Wall Mount

         Amerlux has added two new members to its stunning Rook family of aluminum pendants and wall mounts, including an exterior architectural wall mount that allows designers and architects to create a sleek, uniform design from the inside out.

         The Rook X, an exterior wall-mount cylinder with a 2.7” aperture, and the Rook 250, an interior pendant with a 2.5” aperture, continue the Rook product family’s heritage of translating the control, performance, and comfort of Amerlux’s downlights into sophisticated new formats.

         The clean-styling Rook X exterior wall mount cylinder offers a 2.7” aperture in dual output, up/down light, or single-sided, up-light or down-light only, configuration.  Domestically engineered with precision-machined extruded aluminum housing and five elegant, discrete finishes, the Rook X blends in gorgeously with any architectural façade and adds beauty, character and focus to modern and traditional outdoor structures.

         Facility managers applaud the Rook X because it has seamless sides and no visible hardware, ensuring watertight, long-lasting durability in all weather conditions.  Contractors also love the exterior wall-mount because it has an integral driver that simplifies installation and a thin diecast backplate that keeps the fixture snug against the wall.  Various optical accessories, beam shaping films, and a hexcell louver can be changed or added in the field.  In addition, a range of color temperatures ensures it’s a pleasant addition to any landscaping environment.

         The Rook 250 interior round pendant is a beautiful, slender solution ideal for open-ceiling applications where downlight performance is required in a more strikingly decorative manner.  Maximizing a 2.5” aperture, the Rook 250 complements Amerlux’s line of pendant cylinder solutions with a constant aperture appearance, quiet ceiling design, and optical performance in two distinct sizes.

         Built with integral drivers, the fixture offers quick and easy installation and can control direct and indirect lighting separately.  Single-point suspension and surface and single-circuit track mounting options are available, as are several performance outputs and finishes that stir and grab attention.

         Meanwhile, the Rook 250 Mini Frame Mount offers a remote driver in the most convenient location: above the fixture.  Perfect for a trimless, clean, and minimal aesthetic, the Rook 250 Mini Frame Mount allows for more driver options and accommodates EM battery packs.

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