Wall Sconces

         WAC Landscape Lighting has recently introduced new Low Voltage Field Adjustable Up/Down Cylinder Wall Sconces.  As a design-and-build manufacturer, WAC builds long-term relationships with landscape contractors, designers, and architects by solving the challenges they face with creativity and innovation.

         The Wall Mount Cylinders offer an adjustable beam angle from 35º to 55º with selectable CCTs, including warm white 2700K, pure white 3000K, and cool white 4000K color temperatures. Less than 7” tall, the diminutive fixture provides field-adjustable uplighting, downlighting, or both.  All are offered in bronze, black, and white finishes on an aluminum body.

         WAC Landscape Lighting offers groundbreaking, patented lighting instruments for your entire outdoor canvas. Over the years, professionals have entrusted WAC to provide cutting-edge technology and superior quality.  Landscape products are subjected to rigorous testing including water/dust intrusion, mechanical, environmental, and aging.  From wall washers and accent lights; to in-ground and underwater spots; to outdoor tape, hardscape, and step and path lights, WAC offers a plethora of choices for every designer or installer. The WAC style is sleek and stylish, making the brand an ideal choice for pairing fixtures with exteriors while providing all the light that you will ever need as your landscape matures.


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