SPAX® POWERLAGS® engineered fasteners are getting a colorful new look this season.  SPAX POWERLAGS structural wood screws are American made and independently inspected and tested.  The fasteners will continue to be the same high-quality product, simply with a color change to a black top coat in place of the original green.  This high corrosion resistance coating provides a double barrier.  First plated with a zinc base coat, then finished with a durable top coat, they are engineered, tested, and inspected to hold up to the harshest conditions.

         SPAX POWERLAGS are approved for exterior use, including treated lumber, and accommodate nominal and rough lumber sizes.  This structural wood screw is available in both hex and washer head styles for a more decorative accent or finish.  As always, SPAX POWERLAGS are IRC/IBC code compliant and backed by third-party DrJ Engineering Technical Evaluation Reports, including for deck-ledger attachment.

         SPAX POWERLAGS feature several product attributes, including: no pre-drilling required, for faster, easier installation; built-on washer head design eliminates the need and extra cost of a separate washer; patented thread serrations require up to 40% less driving torque and help to prevent cracking; industry-setting property values for withdrawal and head pull-through; and honest, accurate sizing.

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