Digital Platform

         Steelscape®, a West Coast manufacturer of coated and painted metal for roofing and siding, has launched a new Digital Experience Platform powered by Concora.  Steelscape’s new platform, the Color and Design Center, provides architects, engineers, contractors, and designers an easy-to-navigate platform to explore the features and performance of Steelscape’s innovative metal colors with ease.  The product browsing functionality enables users to search and filter Steelscape’s extensive product library to find the product best suited to their project needs, simplifying the product selection process.  The platform also provides its users with technical product information, design guides, BIM/Rivet models, submittal tools, and downloads for every product. 

         Each year, Steelscape produces more than 400 million lbs. of painted steel, which are transformed into a wide range of products including metal roofing and siding.  Steelscape offers a range of unique colors and designs to expand the application of metal in modern architecture.  This includes their latest, ultra-matte product, Natural Matte® which eliminates unwanted shine and glare.

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