Disaster Recovery

         Losing a structure or building to an unforeseen natural disaster, such as recent Hurricane Ida along the Gulf Coast, can be devastating to the owner and its tenants.  The decision to move forward with repairs may not come quickly, but when it does, facility managers and owners should work with a specialty contractor experienced in disaster recovery to get the job done correctly and efficiently.  Western Specialty Contractors branch offices in Atlanta, Georgia; Houston, Texas; and Orlando, Florida, have been helping companies recover from natural disasters on the Gulf Coast for over 50 years.

         “Bringing a building or structure back to life in the case of a natural disaster takes a certain level of experience and skill,” said Chet Scott, Western Atlanta branch manager.  “Special skills are needed to properly assess the damage, develop a recovery plan, and initiate the restoration or take steps to mitigate further loss.”

         Western’s Texas, Florida, and Georgia branches have served as staging locations for Gulf Coast disaster recovery services, providing the following: building exterior stabilization; emergency building enclosure; roofing repair and replacement; window boarding, repair, and replacement; interior demolition; general clean up; masonry and concrete repair; and historic restoration.

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