New Snap-Tite™ PVC Wrap-Around Columns from Superior Aluminum Products can be assembled in a fraction of the time of standard PVC columns because they do not need to be mitered, glued, or clamped-in-place.  A patent-pending design requires no glue or adhesive, just snap together for quick and easy installation.  Wood grain and smooth designs are available, with paintable surfaces for unlimited customization.  Long-lasting cellular PVC is used in 6” or 8” widths, with lengths up to 10’.  Installation is fast and easy, simply cut to length, and snap together.  No glue or adhesives required, so there is no clamping while glue sets up, and no glue to clean up afterwards.  Smooth or wood-grained column wrap designs are available to complement the home’s exterior, with caps and bases for a finished look.  Snap-Tite Columns are ideal for new residential installations or retrofits and remodels.

         Installation of new Snap-Tite Columns install saves more than 30 minutes per column, allowing contractors to knock items off their punch list quickly.  In addition to Snap-Tite PVC columns, Superior Aluminum also offers a full lineup of aluminum and fiberglass columns to suit individual tastes and preferences or satisfy a project with load-bearing requirements.  All are available through a nationwide distribution network.

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