Interactive Website

         Any builder who has ever struggled with which structural fastener to use for a particular application or job can now find quick answers from an interactive feature on the SPAX® engineered fasteners website.  This new interactive whole home feature is an easy way to determine the best product to use for a specific construction job site application.

         The SPAX interactive whole home feature showcases 11 clickable areas within a home where fasteners may be used, from deck ledger attachments to multi-ply sawn lumber assemblies.  For each project, options are given to provide guidance as to which fastener is best for that application.

         Altenloh, Brinck, and Co. manufactures and distributes engineered fasteners under the SPAX brand name for the construction market, the TRUFAST® brand for the commercial roofing industry, and the TRUFAST WALLS brand for exterior building envelopes and façades.  SPAX engineered fasteners are German-engineered and proudly made in the United States in Bryan, Ohio.

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