The makers of the Trex® RainEscape® deck drainage system understand that even the most accomplished pros can sometimes use a helping hand.  That idea inspired the launch of the new Pro2Pro Program, a free hotline that connects deck builders with real-time installation support from a Trex RainEscape expert.  The service is available now to all Trex RainEscape customers in the United States and Canada.

         Pro2Pro offers assistance at all levels, from guiding homeowners through a DIY installation to providing expert tips and techniques for professionals looking to improve installation time and performance.  At the center of the program is a model deck built at the Trex RainEscape warehouse in Colorado that allows experts to provide step-by-step visual assistance and instructions via video call or chat.  In addition to one-off consultations, the program is also available to distributors, lumberyards, and dealers for product training sessions with new sales representatives and installers.

         Beyond Trex RainEscape, other moisture prevention offerings from the brand include Trex Protect™ Joist and Beam Tape, Trex Protect Rim Joist Tape, and Trex Seal Ledger Tape.  All four products are designed to prevent moisture penetration and premature deterioration of wooden substructures and can be used with any decking material.

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